07-09-20 Kingsley: Playdates Aplenty

Monday 7th September 2020

While you’re at jiu-jitsu with μπαμπά I’m arranging your next Playdate with new friend, classmate Jensen. Spoke with his mum, Anna, and we’ve already got 2 dates in our diaries: next Thursday Jensen’s coming over after school! Rest assured I’ll put on the usual big spread and make him want to return to us!

Speaking of dates, your social life is far far better than mine! Today you’re sparing with your Dojo friends, tomorrow training with your rugby league mates, Wednesday learning French with Miss Coco and Lachie, Thursday the zoo line with Jesse, Friday jiu-jitsu, Saturday tennis buddies, Art with Teah then Playdate with Lawrence, Sunday zoo with Isaac. Next week Jensen!