Kingsley: Pappoo

Aw King, I wish with all my heart that you had met your Pappoo. My dad – your grandfather, or as you would have known him, Pappoo Pano – was a giant among men. So strapping and handsome, good-natured and loving, your Pappoo fell in love with the much younger Dorothea, married her, reared three girls with her, educated them all and gave their hands away in marriage, became doting grandfather to four grandkids and while being nursed in his twilight years by his beloved Dora, passed gently to his Maker on November 21st of 2013.

Kingsley's maternal grandparents, Dora and Peter Tzannetis.

Kingsley’s maternal grandparents, Dora and Peter Tzannetis.

Three weeks separate your birth with your Pappoo’s passing. It is uncanny your resemblance to him, little one. And for this we are all so glad. A star in heaven shines just for you our blue-eyed boy.

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