04-01-20 Twins: Beach Tent

Saturday 4th January 2020

Its a scorcher today reaching over 48 degrees in Penrith. At Coogee we’re all either in the water or under our Cancer Council tent. The babies are busy playing with the odd toy but mainly being dunked in the surf. Both do poo in their nappies so a good wash in salt water is in order. Then we plonk them in the shade while Kingsley and Leo Badawi body surf.

The babies take short naps during the day in their Valco Snap DUO – coming to the Beach and after our Woolies shop coming home. But now at 7pm they simply cannot sleep. It’s so hot! Its so hot I shower with the babies. The heat mandates many showers plus the mess of eating nectarines.

Please sleep babes.