17-04-20 Twins: New Routine

Friday 17th April 2020

After last night’s debacle of getting the twins home very late and finding them hysterical and us adults unable to get them to bed for sleep, today I’m home early – 4pm – and feeding them at a sensible time so that they’re already asleep at 7. That plus today I ensured they both napped twice.

Brigitte from next door pops round. Now that we’ve got the green front yard and plenty of benches to sit on, our home is most inviting. The babies are often our the front scampering. Not quite ready to walk though Elektra stands up straight her thighs strong enough to keep her upright. Keanu pulls at her hair incessantly. She cries devastated that it hurts. And it would! Keanu’s grip is tight.

Something new: all three kids eating γιαγιά Dora’s ρεβίθια. That’s right: mouths open for her juicy chickpea soup.