18-09-19 Twins: High Chair

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Our girl is eating in her new high chair, lovingly given to us by a mami from Double Bay. Elektra is no longer floppy though doesn’t sit up by herself yet. Her back is stronger it seems than her brother’s as she can sit in the chair for longer stretches. But its Keanu who has the bigger appetite by far. Today he ate while seated on the purple bumbo, both babies watching classic Greek cinema.

Two naps per day now. Its been at least 2 weeks since their third nap was cut. Geez I remember the days they’d fall in and out of naps all day.

Both babies were sleeping when Kingsley and his classmate Teah came round for a play date. Then they woke…then the party began: 4 kids are like a typhoon. The place is destroyed. Wrappers and toys strewn…