31-05-20 Twins: Visiting Desi

Sunday 31st May 2020

These two are ragdolls in Desi’s hands. She plonks them here, then moves them there, changes her mind so plonks them somewhere else. A nappy change? No problem: plonk them on her bed. Time for a snack? Plonk them on the couch. Lunchtime? Plonk them on tiny outdoor chairs. Then onto a grassy knoll.

By some sleight of hand, Desi puts Keanu to sleep. We all praise her and top toe around him laying prone on the couch as the rest of the kids watch Netflix cartoons.

A fantastic day and night spent with Lisa, Peter and Desi till we reluctantly leave at 5:30pm by which time all 3 kids pass out in the car.