The Seahorse

The Hartley Seahorse was borne from a mutual desire to start a family. You see, Erroll and I had been married just on five year most of which time had been merrily lived, no cares in the world, as ex-pats (with no family around), in the United Arab Emirates. Living the carefree, single-yet-married, dual-income-no-kids lifestyle became our high standard of existence and our greatest quandary would amount to which holiday destination we would book, debating the merits of the Maldives versus the Seychelles over filter coffee.

Time for making babies - true love.

Time for making babies – true love.

Often we would half-heartedly joke (yet be rather serious about) how many hours asleep together we could master. It was the norm to shuffle out of our chilled, darkened bedchamber well past 2PM on both weekend days. 14 hour slumber marathons was considered the canonical blueprint of how the Hartleys rolled.

Come March 2013 and all that was about to change…

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