27-08-19 Kingsley: Missing Γιαγιά

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Linus became distraught looking for Jiajia this evening. He became hysterical searching for her. Kept crying out ‘που είναι η γιαγιά μου; θέλω την γιαγιά!’ searching about and making himself sick.

You see tonight its just me and the three babies; daddy’s flying, γιαγια’ς in Dubai en route to Athens, and Kingsley’s enjoyed a huge day at school and at jiu-jitsu containing his focus to the areas hid teacher and Sensai tell him to. Once home the door is opened by his loving and patient Γιαγιά. And her bedroom morphs into a sanctuary for his energy, without being judged or contained, Linus releases all his emotions in ways adults can’t understand.

So for Linus to miss his γιαγιά is a visceral feeling; tears, bellowing, confusion, anxiety. He wants his granny back.