22-03-18 Kingsley with Oma Day 3

Thursday 22nd March 2018

While I enjoyed raisin toast breakfast at Carl & Mel’s in Chermside, Linus ate like like a King at his Oma’s table. By myself all day, I took the opportunity to shop, stroll, tour,

An update email from Oma…

Sooooo much to tell….what a day. My grandest son is pooped beyondBreakfast…. 2 fried eggs 1 slice sourdough toast glass milk. Morning tea …Red grapes apple crackers and banana  Lunch …OOPS: sausage roll with Oma. Afternoon tea…apple, almonds. Dinner… huge spaghetti bolognese made fresh, he sat on bench. Glass milk. Reward: junior size raspberry vanilla ice block. Teeth cleaned all washed and ready for bed, he just asked!!