Day 4: Self Injection

Thursday 18th February 2016

We’ve been together at home for quite a few days now. It’s rarely this long that Erroll is between flights, and I am actually in Dubai. So baby duties are equally divided between Erroll and I, with Kingsley being fed and napped by me, while Erroll on takes on park and walking adventures. Nappy and bath fun we naturally take on alone – whoever gets the first whiff of a stinky bum is obliged to clean it all away, the other one hurriedly adding Frankinsence to the diffuser and reviving the house with heavenly fragrances.

My essential oils are these days adding bliss to my injecting, pill taking and Chinese herb drinking ways. More and more at ease I am with self-injection, with Erroll making me laugh as he turns on his heel, quickly out the kitchen door as I steady my hand to puncture belly fat. Eye is definitely on the prize with the hope and dream to provide this little boy with a sibling…