Kingsley: 5Yrs+05Mths

Tuesday 7th May 2019

You grow more independent (and lippy) by the day. Where once I snuggled next to my freshly bathed first born babbling ‘φως’ and pointing to a light fixture now I must negotiate, bribe or coerce him to jump under the shower. And I get ignored!

Still, the child prefers bathing with one of us than by himself and there’s no falling asleep without either μαμά or μπαμπά and at least two books (delay tactics). One leg over mine with a ‘please scratch my back’ and an alarmed ‘don’t leave me by myself…’ if I nust attend to the crying babies.

In fact our tough sporty boy is still a baby at heart. When its just Kingsley and I he showers me with αγκαλιές (and sings songs with me, my little firecracker buddy).

Mere months young