05-07-20 Kingsley: Isaac’s Party

Sunday 5th July 2020

Put all three kids through their paces this morning merely getting them out the door before the babies have meltdowns due to overtiredness. My dual aims today: nap babies and deliver Linus to Isaac’s 7th birthday party on time. All together now congratulate me for this achievement!! All the more spectacular since Erroll is flying today Brisbane return so I must schlep all 3 to get Kingsley to Baker Park for 1pm.

Isaac is waiting for him and to my delight his big brother Angus greets Kingsley warmly and genuinely when we arrive. Kingsley is loved and wanted. And he feels comfortable here among his school buddies. So off he trots asking me to ‘go home now’ before we’d even arrived! But the he changes his mind and wants me to chaperone him right up to the party.

Of course the first thing I coach Kingsley on is to look Isaac’s mum in the eyes and thank her for inviting me. ‘Thank you for inviting me, Miss Eve…’ Kingsley mutters, then runs off to play sticks with the lads. Meanwhile Keanu wants to walk. Elektra likes to watch the big boys play in the comfort of her pram seat.

Pizza party, cupcake decorating, playground, then off to see a movie at The Ritz. Kingsley’s feeling cool!