12-05-17 Mr. Cool

Friday 12th May 2017

The countdown to leaving Greece begins. Today marks our final weekend in Saronītha and Kingsley’s last few days at preschool. I am actually doleful over removing him from the security and steady learning environment of Miss Ioānna’s classroom.

By all reports his mind improves daily and his temper vastly diminished through daily exposure to the combined positive influences of a sensible teacher and a class full of happy, courteous students. He wishes to please, of course (always has) however that willfullness we’ve all witnessed over the past year has quelled, yielding to a security of place that results in listening to the teacher, with pleasure.

This morning, readying himself for school, Kingsley played it cool. He chose his outfit, as he is want to doing every day these days. Mr. Cool t-shirt – a gift from his Oma and his Minions backpack – a gift from his JiaJia.