23-08-16 Waterbaby

Tuesday 23rd August 2016

The master bedroom flooded today. Wasn’t due to a burst waterline or a tap left turned on; I knew that much immediately. Our white tiled floor under water, an overturned pink bucket abandoned in the middle of the room and the toes of a wee culprit lurking behind the curtains is what caused me to clutch my pearls when I came in to investigate what the sound of ‘splashing’ could possibly be. The evidence was in: Kingsley did it. I was now sentenced to using up three of my treasured hours in cleaning the crazy mess. There was a lot of water to be mopped up…

Without a doubt our son adores water. In fact from the day Dr. Munira gave me the green light to swim over three years ago, the belly was submerged. And our little Seahorse was named. Then along came Kingsley and into pools we had him splashing within weeks of being born..and his (our) love for water has not stopped. We make a point of taking month-long holidays seeking out the summer in Greece, Australia and of course perpetually sunny Dubai. On hot summer days here Kingsley strips off and we create an outdoor free flowing pool on our balcony off the living room. Bucket after bucket I fill with water and literally throw all over him. Today it was three buckets on rotation with the help of JiaJia Dôra, who too has gotten into the fun of chucking water over her grandson.

So it’s not shocking that he thought to bring the pool fun inside today. The whole place really was drenched: both balconies, both bathrooms, the hallways leading from both bathrooms…and of course our wet bedroom. Mops came out, cleaning agents were sprayed, dust bunnies under the bed became sopping wet and had to be wiped away (gross). Every towel in the house was then used to dry our bedroom. And guess what? It sparkles now! It seems our waterbaby find me a favour – our crib is spotless.


At the Rixos Hotel, Palm, during one of my baby showers.


Today after his balcony slip n slide fun but before drenching our bedroom