27-04-29 Twins: Easter Saturday

Saturday 27th April 2019

Three kids at home all day whike Erroll is away for work: that has me very nervous. Jiajia Dora has 13 τσουρέκια to bake do needs quiet time. How shall we all cope?

It begins early with Linus hopping into bed with Elektra & I, my usual muffled threats follow ‘DON’T wake your crazy sister!!!…’ Of course she awakes and do the day begins early. We rise for the day at 7. 

Its the bebĕ’s first Orthodox Easter Saturday and everyone is surprisingly well behaved. Now at age 13 weeks (9 weeks adjusted) the twinnies sleep less, are awake more and enjoy interacting immensely. Which means its near impossible to get them to nap without me physically laying next to one then the other. Keanu less so. Elektra demanding I stay. Then cries LOUDLY if I slip away from the bedroom!

By afternoon I’ve had enough. Keanu lays in his bed but Miss Elektra wants something more. Staying indoors only serves to frustrate her. So out we stroll down to Coogee Beach. Immediately as fresh air hit her face she stops crying. Instantly she hushes! Two hours we stroll. All if a sudden Easter Saturday is fantastic: I’m out among the community and both twins are asleep.

I’ll be walking the babies more often grim here on in. Its a miracle cry-stopper