Kingsley: Secrets

Kingsley’s mate Cael Christiansen is over from London for a month with his mum, Miss Sara, and staying right here with us, at Casa Hartley. Mornings are the best time for a boyish catch up: its the fun hour when both infants are content, well rested and excited to see one another after a long sleep in separate bedrooms.

They’ve much to discuss in their playpen, the boys. Its in the living room cot that both Cael and King are corralled by us parents so that we can get dressed safe in the knowledge that the kids cannot escape and do themselves a mischief (this house is not yet baby-proofed).

They seems pretty happy about their blossoming friendship too, and doubtless have plenty of secrets to share about their crazy mums as we frantically prepare to get out of the house dressed, groomed and on time…

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