05-07-19 Keanu: Cocktails

Friday 5th July 2019

We surprise Oma today with a visit to Scott’s salon. Keanu goes straight to her and they chat as she is restored to blonde. We’ll send this little fella up to Bangalow to stay with Oma once he’s off the boob. But in the meantime he’s a great companion and doesn’t fuss; not even when hungry. And doesn’t mind a selfie in the loo either.

Scott is done with Oma and now it’s our turn to party. Cocktail hour at the pub and Keanu is a gentleman not a boo from him while mama enjoys some passionfruit vodka goodness from a jug with Scott & Nico. Happy to be held for hours this champ… And I feel alive with a wee cocktail under my belt.

Off we go to meet up with big brother at jiu-jitsu.