Kingsley: Ramadan Day 16

Tuesday 15th July

Exactly one year ago I was blessedly pregnant and very happy for all the world to see. My bump was growing at a clip and I was finally showing; our little Seahorse was bucking along nicely. I had never felt so healthy: hair took on a bounce, skin glowed and nails grew. I had the energy of twenty brood mares, and my social life was at a peak.

It was also Ramadan and on this very evening twelve months ago three of us girls got together to break our fast, during Iftar at Galleries Lafayette. Back then Darine, Camilla and I were in very different shape than we are today. Darine? Back then she working herself into the ground running her magazine empire and became super skinny from the stress of it all. Now she’s beautifully pregnant with her second boy. Camilla in this image is ‘between’ babies! That is not yet pregnant with her second girl, who is now ten weeks of age. And me? Today I am no longer pregnant (but still carrying nine of those twenty two kilos I piled on to give life to Kingsley). Cheeks are still round and appetite as healthy as then! Only now I have the treasure no longer in my belly but in my arms: baby Kingsley.

Ramadan Kareem everyone!

Ramadan 2013 - Iftar at Galleries Lafayette, Dubai Mall

Ramadan 2013 – Iftar at Galleries Lafayette, Dubai Mall: Darine, me and Camilla

Galleries Lafayette 010a Galleries Lafayette 011a Galleries Lafayette 012

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