31-07-16 First Shoot

Sunday 31st July 2016

A few days ago, Kingsley’s little face and cute body was accepted to be part of a marketing campaign for a toddler-to-juniors educational/entertainment product – his first work (albeit unpaid) as a model. Today was the day the camera would either fall in love with him or his unruly wildness would merely piss the producers off so much they would choose another child for the shoots.

Early hours we woke, bathed, ate and readied ourselves for a full day in front of the camera. I even managed to wash Kingsley’s hair (threats that if we don’t, flies will lay ever more eggs on his scalp) and stuff two eggs down his throat (tired, hungry, bored toddlers are impossible to control). Out the door, into a cab and en route to the glamorous gated community called The Meadows, where we would be greeted by the company’s CEO maid and butler, the company’s staff and various mums and kiddies.

Our son was dressed in his favourite colour, Orange, paired with a  little Egyprian boy in blue, and both plonked in front of an array of cards displaying animals, shapes, and numbers, as well as an iPad where the product ‘Appy Kids’ played. Their task was to look excited and alert while engaged by the app. Five hours of attempting to look enthralled by it took its toll, so the kiddies were fed junk (pizza, hot chips, cookies) and jacked up on juice.

By 3pm everyone is delirious and the two photographers, three company representatives, mums and kids are ready to pull the plug on the whole shoot. We are thanked for our time, handed a ‘Model Release Form’, directed to sign away rights to images taken today, the kids all given a bag full of company goodies, and ushered into a car to be transported home. We await to see whether Kingsley makes the cut and his modeling career will support his Mummá into her old age…

image image image image image