31-01-19 Day 9

Thursday 31st January 2019

Lots of kind visitors call on us today. We have Lisa Allen, Margot Gothard, of course mid morning with Erroll early afternoon with JiaJia & Linus.

The bebĕs sleep most of the day – its because I stuff them with boob milk. I’m stuffed though; beyond exhausted.

I get double vision. I’m due down at NICU every day on the following hour (precisely; cannot be late): 2am, 5, 8, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8, 11pm

Then the next 24 hours starts again.

On the ward I must be with Elektra feeding /changing /pumping exactly the hour BEFORE I must be at NICU.

This leaves me around 55 minutes to eat, drink, wee, wash, take medications, be attended by medical staff, my vitals /blood taken, consult with paeds /neonatologists, shower, enjoy a visitor’s company and somehow sleep.

It’s insane. But so easily achieved with our Littles looking me in the eye!