10-11-17 Last Day of Preschool

Friday 10th November 2017

Linus is the happiest he’s been for months – after all his daddy now does the morning school run (early morning play in the playground, stuffing him with apples, a pre-school bus boarding wee into the bushes).

The kiddo is fit and healthy again – no ear ache – so we send him to school for his final day. Erroll and I then have all day to ourselves!! We plan a fantastic afternoon in Palěa Fökea as soon as Mr. Vasīli’s sxoliko brings Kingsley to us but we must first visit home. For the child is holding a massive ‘farewell Dorötheos” bag stuffed with gifts from his classmates, pencils & art books from Miss Xrisoūla as well as coloured pens and a pencil case filled with goodies from Miss Sophia.

JiaJia Dora opens the bag and Kingsley goes through his loot; he feels loved but mostly proud as soon as he discovers a folio wrapped tight in which is all his art work from the past 3 months. Who would have thought our wee man is a bidding artist!