02-10-19 Kingsley: Leon Over

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

A real treat: Leon and aunty Carmen visit Coogee and doesn’t Kingsley go nuts when they arrive. Thank goodness for this trampoline, the boys barely come off it. All goes extremely smoothly as the lads explore the house, themselves as mates, toys and a new environment for the twins remain napping for the longest time thus giving Kingsley the space to have Leon to himself.

But then the babies wake, and Leon wants to hold them, cuddle and play with them. Kingsley has lost his mate Leon to a bunch of infants! Green eyed monster emerges, chucks a few tantrums, makes a mess with the chocolate cupcakes, wants Leon back. Kingsley wants Leon to himself again!

But Leon is all class: hears his mate’s distress, leaves us with the babies to play with Kingsley once again. The tears roll though come the moment Miss Carmen packs up to leave: Kingsley wants to leave with them.

We all promise to go stay with Leon next holidays.

Reading the book Leon send with uncle Pesa for Kingsley