03-04-17 Day with JiaJia

Monday 3rd April 2017

Kingsley and I woke to Erroll’s call. He was at Dubai Airport en route to Oz for a spell of being spoilt by his mum and at the opposite scale, a spell of partying with his besties. We in Saronītha couldn’t get more relaxed than how we are right now; no parties, no agendas, no responsibility. Kingsley’s greatest concern is two-fold: 1) what show to watch on Nickelodeon and 2) what toy to drag out of the cupboard.

He admitted at least 10 times last night as we cuddled in bed that he ‘likes Saronītha very much’. He can’t stop smiling! So much to look forward to every day, he tells me! He liked playing with Pavlīna at the pethikī hară yesterday as well as joining the football team with Alexi, Īleias and Marko in the square. And also taking a wee / poo behind the bushes like he did last year. Except this year I bring wet wipes with me for our outings.

Today Kingsley spends the day with JiaJia Dora while l run errands in Athens. They’ve become good mates.