19-05-18 Reunion with Phædon

Saturday 19th May 2018

After seven months apart today Kingsley and his best friend from Greece, Phædon, are reunited. Both anticipate the meeting (as do us mums!) Our journey to Nikěia from Saronida will take just under two hours. We Hartleys don’t mind the distance for the rewards will be greatly worth our while…

At precisely 10:40am we’re bound for Athens on the Ktel service. At Syndagma we hop on the Agia Marina line hopping off a short time later in cute Egāleo. A €5 cab fare later and we’ve got contact!

Boys immediately jump around, hug, smile widely and repeat each others’ names. They swap presents, hop on the couch, drink milk, destroy all the toys. Nickelodeon calms them long enough to eat a chocolate bunny…then the sugar rush hits and all adults duck for cover.

Aleka and I actually leave the boys in the care of Phædon’s JiaJia and aunty while they’re on some super high. We moonwalk out the door but spotting our exit they matter-of-factly bid us adieu with Phædon commenting to Dorötheos that ‘only mums go to the hospital…’. Us ladies leave to visit a very poorly Marino at the Genikö Kratikö Nikaīas.

By 3pm Aleka and I are back to our two rascals climbing the walls. Time to take them to Yioupiland an enclosed castle dedicated to the active preschooler. We provide the entry fee, Yioupiland provides refreshment, entertainment (Minions dance party; Paw Patrol disco) and soft play. Winning!

Phædon freaks us out at precisely 7:30pm: he runs across the road! I lose my composure. Kingsley becomes distressed: ‘what happens if a car hits him??!!‘ Indeed, son. AND THATS WHY WE ALWAYS STOP TO SLOWLY CAREFULLY CROSS THE ROAD HOLDING A MUMMA OR BA-BĀH’S OR JIAJIA’S HAND!!’ I am telling /yelling. Phædon cries uncontrollably. Kingsley cowers closeby.

Still, the shock of running away doesn’t stop these two wild boys from wanting more adventures so to milk every last milliliter of energy from them Aleka takes them across the road holding her hand to the playground.

Chocolate bunnies and organic goats milk

Hostesses: Penny, Aleka & JiaJia Vasiliki