21-10-18 Back with Oscar

Sunday 21st October 2018

After days of the same request, we finally manage to get two crazy boys together for their reunion. Five months have elapsed since Oscar and Kingsley let loose, got nude, had a bath, played games and trashed the house.

Today its Rebecca’s place we descend upon and the race is on to trash it in as short a time as possible. Our driver pulls in to their drive, Kingsley yells ‘Oscar we’re here! OSCAR ITS KINGSLEY…’ And the little champ busts out his front door to bear hug his long lost mate. Kingsley returns the hugs and they race inside to set about playing.

Every toy gets dragged out and into the living room. Baked beans and toast crumbs litter the floor. Clothes come off and Kingsley experiences his first ever mud-sling party out on the lawn. The boys water themselves with hot Dubai hose water like potted plants till they’re free from dirt. Cheese and crackers is served followed by a Milo.

At 3pm the tears are rolling down Kingsley’s cheeks and he’s howling. Not because of our impending farewells (our Careem driver waits patiently in his Lexus) but because, in a happy fit of wild sand throwing out the front, the wind suddenly changes direction carrying Oscar’s fistful of sand directly into Kingsley’s open mouth.

Rinse, spit and repeat ten times…and we are back to smiling at one another, then sadness at bidding each other adieu till we meet again, in Australia!