29-10-19 Twins: That’s Not My Lamb, That’s not my Duck

Tuesday 28th October 2019

No swimmies today for these two dumplings but we do read the books Miss Camilla gave us: That’s not my Lamb for Keanu and That’s not my Duck for Elektra.

Since Linus is off to school by 9am mumma and daddy have the babies in our arms and smiling.

Here is our day: feeding breakfast of yoghurt and banana, play, change, dance in the kitchen to old school R&B then dance music. Family nap: Daddy cuddled Keanu; mumma boobed Elektra. We all wake at 1:30pm, such a pleasant surprise! Each baby gets a walk outside with daddy while I prepare lunch (which in truth is a Tupperware full off chicken and veges care of γιαγιά). Play with Kingsley’s frogs, read our books, dress in the gifts Kassandra brought them. Milk, more milk then a very late second nap which brings us to now 7pm and they’re still asleep, which will make for a very interesting over night!