Kingsley: 3-1-14 Sleepless

Darling one Kingsley, why won’t you go down for a daytime nap? Why do you fight the urge? We are both beyond tired. You, baby-cakes, are exhausted. Its a whine and a whimper, a cry then a full blown bellow from your strong lungs letting me know that its sleep that you require, but you just wont go down.

Desperate for sleep: Kingsley being rocked to sleep by his dad

Desperate for sleep: Kingsley being rocked to sleep by his dad

Neither your father or I can fathom what is a normal sleep pattern for you, as we approach your fourth week of life. We try all sorts of tactics to pacify your cries and to get you to self-soothe and shut those eyes: breast, rock, sing, crib, bed, swaddle, more breast…

From what I have read, for the first few weeks after birth, baby sleep will be all over the place. As in, no pattern at all. Like you display! Some days you easily pass out after a feed, and remain down for three hours (bliss! I can rush off to take a shower and return emails). Other days I am at wits end and my heart breaks as I watch you fight the sleep your mind and body desperately craves. Those fuzzy days you leave me wondering how I can possibly make it through one more night.

It’s a rough time for everybody in the Hartley household but from what I read, the fussiness and non-sleeping will peak at 6 weeks. In the meantime, its to the warm milky breast you go, and yes, I know the hole I am digging: you falling to sleep glued to my boob will only cause me endless grief in a couple of months time when we will go down the path of detaching your sweet mouth from your best friend. Good night my love.


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