02-08-19 Kingsley: Shopkins

Friday 2nd August 2019

The COLES shopkins miniature collectables marketing ubg activity has overtaken Kingsley’s rational thinking; all he thinks about is the tiny, colourful packets the checkout boys and girls give out after we spend $30 “or more” (as Kingsley pointed out to our Eastgate Coles checkout chick this arvo).

After The Jitzu we wander back to Eastgate and here we loiter around the checkouts. It is here that we encounter  good-hearted, generous customers who hear Kingsley’s well-mannered requests “may I have your Shopkins please sir?  The men have no idea what he’s talking about so the checkout chick helps out in  explaining…then hands Kingsley loads of tiny packets of tomorrow’s landfill.

Kingsley repeats his request for other patron’s Shopkins and every single person gives their portion to this patient boy dressed in his jiu-jitsu Gi.

And this happy boy comes home with a bag full of tiny plastic miniature grocery items and an overpriced Coles truck. Coles ought to congratulate itself on a successful revenue drive: this Shopkins give away works.