Full Time Mumma: Day 5 Lunching

Monday 9th February 2015

Well the time has finally arrived that I would transform into a ‘lady who lunches’, after all my days are my own now, no longer tethered to a laptop and office landline am I. So off I went at noon, meeting dear friend Lena for what can be described as a leisurely lunch, at a zippy city eatery at the Ritz Carlton, DIFC. Here, for three hours we dine al fresco. I eat my body weight in stacked pancakes and smother freshly baked crusty bread with honey and jam. As many carbs as my appetite demands…and I relinquish the fight! No contest!!

It was a day of many other ‘firsts’ – my first blow dry, eye brow threading, visit to Mankhool Clinic for my new Visa medical fitness tests (delayed; sent home, come back tomorrow, they say) and attending one of Dubai’s weirdly archaic “Typing Centres” to get my paperwork ‘typed out” in order to go on Erroll’s Visa (necessary, and for the privilege, we must fork out cash to as many obscure pseudo-government authorities as possible, just to legally remain in the country).

Hair and eyebrows groomed, yet still no closer to being a legal resident in the UAE, I enjoy a day lunching with this lovely one, my friend of six years…

Lena with our Kingsley who was one week short of 2 months of age

Lena with our Kingsley who was one week short of 2 months of age

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