02-10-20 Kingsley: Surf School #4

Friday 2nd September 2020

Lesson #4 on the surfboard with a legend instructor who took a real liking to Kingsley, giving him lots of attention and pushes along to catch waves.

After an hour and a half in the 17 degrees centigrade water the kiddo is frozen but proud, shivering but still wanting to shower outdoors in the wind, for his instructor showers with no regard for biting winds. I’m cold just watching Kingsley peel out of his wetsuit.

Erroll of course doesn’t bring warm clothes or even enough clothing for our frostbitten grommet. Promptly I send Erroll back to the car for fleecy tracksuit, hoodie and socks. Warmed up the child has use of his limbs which take him across the road to the Fish & Chip shop for grilled fish and a kilo of chippies most of which the twins then devour.