Kingsley: Fried Eggs

Sunday February 17th 2018

We’re almost done with the jet lag. Yay! Back from summer in Sydney…and into warm Dubai.
Every morning for the past few months – whether in Dubai or Sydney – Kingsley prepares his own fried eggs.
He gets all the ingredients out from the fridge: carefully chooses two eggs, the stick of butter. Then selects the pan, turns on the hob to 12, I hand over the knob of butter and he melts it. I’m not to help other than cracking the eggs in.
Its cute! He’s all about fixing his own breakfast. This morning too much ‘chöfli’ pieces fell into his frying eggs and he got cranky at me. How can you allow egg shell in, MUMMÀ? ? ĀTAKTI MUMMÀ, he yelled
Here we are at 6:30 today after waking just past 6 (he needed a wee then claimed hunger).

The other two hobs have 1) pasta boiling & 2) giant white beans boiling. Yes at 6:30am. I’ve got two hungry men in the house.