12-09-16 Crowne Plaza Pool

Monday 12th September 2016

I was feeling lucky once again today, and emboldened by our two previous days spent poolside, decided to hit the decks again.

Never mind that Kingsley and I aren’t hotel guests, I figure we were guests the first day we spent the day swimming at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – on Saturday when we were guests of hotel guests, my dearest pal Sian and her husband Craig, visiting Dubai from Doha. What’s a couple of days since the true guests checked out when it’s pool weather and we love it up there and we made friends with other guests there as well as the life guards? My mind was fixed on the idea of a swim.

Cocksure as I am, and with both Kingsley and myself dressed in leisurewear fit for a five star establishment, we walk straight past reception, up to the Arabic Coffee Man offering dates, take about ten to eat, make some small talk with him (‘yes he does speak; my son is simply ready for his swim. We’d better get up to the pool before he has a tantrum…’), then press for the lift to take us to level 3 – the hotel’s pool deck in the sky.

Hours later, toddlers are having fun, I am cooling off in the water, and my love affair with Dubai continues…

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