3rd Trimester: Aunty Aliki

Playing aunty today to my darling friend’s little girl, while pregnant at almost 31 weeks, on the floor and oozing feel-good motherly hormones…

Aunty Aliki and Baby Layla-my girlfriend Camilla's daughter

Aunty Aliki and Baby Layla-my girlfriend Camilla’s daughter

Baby Layla is the firstborn of Dubai friends Camilla and Adam. As expats, we assume the role of family members and take our close connections seriously and never for granted. After all, we are indeed lone little orphan expats and far far away from blood family. Mine are in Australia and Camilla’s are in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

At almost 31 weeks I can still scoot about on the tiles and carry this 9 month old with ease though by the end of the day my back felt broken, ached without reprieve and I clutched at my ribcage to somewhat ease bearing the load of what I truly believe is one large bucking Seahorse inside of me.

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Aunty Aliki and Baby Layla-my girlfriend Camilla’s daughter

Layla my sweet-tempered little Dubai niece, soon enough you shall lord over the Seahorse; you may boss my little one about, I grant you permission! Tiny cousins in the desert, all of mixed race – mine and Camilla’s – and all loved unconditionally. As families do.


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