25-11-17 Thanksgiving in Hendersonville

Saturday 25th November 2017

Today Kingsley met his third cousins from his father’s father Mark Hartley’s side: Erroll’s second cousins’ four kids: Hayden & Lena from Christina and Garon & Gavin from Jaime. The kids bonded within minutes of us pulling up to Mark’s cousin Brian’s homestead in Hendersonville. At first Kingsley looked bashful and for the first time in him life, clung to my skirts. The kiddies beamed at him and began running about green hills. He followed them…and within 5 minutes of exchanging names the kids were at play.

Kingsley ALL DAY the next day asked to play with his cousins. He loves them! Didn’t like getting an electric shock from the cow fence but went crazy investigating cow poop with Hayden.

When I look at these photos it’s like I am looking at the photos of Erroll and his little cousins at family reunions some 35 years ago.