19-11-17 Bound for USA

A letter I sent from the States…

Hi family,

We have survived the 16 hour flight to Orlando!! We all slept loads. In fact Kingsley (and I) slept twice layed out flat. Erroll in the meantime enjoyed at least 3 vinos. Purser was extra kind to us – gave us those big fluffy white pillows so sleep came easily. We watched endless preschool shows, ate at least 8 bread roll, 6 bananas and our ‘special meals’ (apparently Kingsley needs a diabetic diet).

Here is a shot of Kingsley as we roused him at midnight for our flight. It was a deep sleep poor love. The instant we woke him he sits up and asks ‘where are we flying to now in the airplane’. No joke. Erroll and I didn’t know whether to laugh or actually feel a bit sorry for him.