06-08-18 Week 2 Summer Camp

Monday 6th August 2018

We’re at Summer Camp again this week – Kingsley’s second week at Anima Club. He’s made a little pal – Christos – whom we give toy cars to most mornings seeing as his lovely mum Xrisoūla drives us home most arvos. She did just that on Friday, possibly one of the hottest days on record. ‘Of course I’m taking you to Saronītha. Its too hot for the child; think of the child she implored.’

This morning the moment Kingsley walked into camp these two played cars. Christos lit up when his mate produced one yellow car and one red car. Of course he claimed the red car as its ‘fast’.

Then they moved on to a game on Lotto scores of tiny white numbered balls spilling onto the floor. I made my exit then!