06-11-18 Gingerbread Man Cookies

Tuesday 6th November 2018

While I slip away to enjoy Melbourne Cup lunch at the Queen Victoria Building with my girlfriend of 27 years, Zennia, Linus bakes gingerbread cookies with JiaJia Dora. He’s been day dreaming of baking cookies since we got the cookie cutter yesterday.

Well this morning as I moonwalked out of the front door JiaJia was prepping in the kitchen with the eager child. A massive mixing bowl, flour, baking soda and Kingsley on his stool ready with his mixing spoon.

Who would have thought I’d bump into Erroll on the 374 after his inaugural Virgin flight (to Adelaide)! The bus pulls into Eddy Avenue, I hear his voice, look up and see white teeth and a beaming husband. We chatter all the way home.

Didn’t Kingsley go insane when his father walked in the door! No rest for the weary man for the beach beckons. Still I make them lunch, pack their bags and send them off for a body surf while I prepare to hit the town with old school pal Inna.