31-01-20 Kingsley: Coogee Beach Playdate

Friday 31st January 2020

So I put it to Kingsley what is his preference this arvo: Beach or Jiu-jitsu. Without taking a breath it is beach. And with that I’ve got him wearing flip flops, a singlet and 50+ SPF even before we’ve left the school grounds.

I’m on the afternoon school run as Erroll has flown to Perth on a long layover. Got Elektra only with me as Keanu has miraculously fallen asleep in the arvo (so rare) and I’ve already prepared for our swim knowing full well that in thus stifling summer heat Kingsley would choose breezy surf over a sweaty mat in an enclosed Dojo.

What I didn’t bank for is James coming along too! The kid is sweet, the dad trying his best.