11-09-20 Kingsley: Σοκολάτα για την Γιαγιά

Friday 11th September 2020

As a kind gesture: Linus gives Γιαγιά her favourite chocolates after school. “I know which ones she likes; these ones!” He says and points to the various bags of Lindt choc balls for Erroll to buy.

He’s showing his appreciation to Γιαγιά for the way she tends to him, cooks and feeds him every day s hot meal after school. Today it’s roasted potatoes and cheesy spiral pasta. Kingsley means it too how he loves her; the chocolates are warmly received. And in return Γιαγιά gives Linus 6 Ooshies! The prize lay inside one of them: a rare ‘Tramp’ Ooshie. Straight into his selection box.