15-07-17 Potterbarn Lill Explorers

Saturday 15th July 2017

Its time for another Hartley – Hassan get together. They’re fiery these days these three. Fiesty arguments and raised voices. No longer standing on the ceremony of pleasantries, Kingsley, Layla and Maya now shout it out, push, pull, yank and holler. Camilla and I let them at it till it gets too rough/loud enough for other shoppers to give us the death stares. Then a parental intervention pulls them apart. And I follow them around stuffing bits of butter biscuits in each little awaiting mouth.

Our afternoon activity was care of Potterbarn Kids at the Dubai Mall. Preschoolers of all nationalities played ‘Little Explorers’ and learned about dolphins. Kingsley who gets bored of colouring in actually completed a picture!

But the instant our three became restless at the activity station, they ran riot in the store. We found the eldest laying in the extremely expensive display bed, beneath the covers.

Once our families had exhausted the Potterybarn Kids welcome we left and headed to The Toy Store in order to tire the scamps out (and torment the staff kind staff). Here the three pushed and shoved their friendship to new heights. Who would have thought the car racer held so much interest for all if them…