Kingsley: Natan Pt 2

August 2014

Little toddler, Natan, came visiting Casa Hartley for the second time this year. And what a difference one month makes in the life of a couple of babies. Firstly, Kingsley now stands up and cruises furniture; he is not at all afraid of attempting to scamper off the bed, and is now pleased to take a battering from his big French friend Natan; not a tear was shed.

This reunion saw them share toys and play side by side. They were adorable together. My house was turned upside down, so many pillows were scattered and every soft toy was displaced from its shelf. All said and done, I suffered cuteness overload while in their presence. Just look at the two of them…

Natan here 017 Natan here 012 Natan here 010 Natan here 014

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