04-07-20 Twins: Inglis Park

Saturday 4th July 2020

American Independence day and we’re together as a family with no obligations to be anywhere nor see anyone. So as a family of 5 we discover Inglis Park at Randwick. Babies are wet through and through as usual before arriving but the upside is that they nap. Their nap is my only agenda item each day; anything else we achieve is but a bonus. So today we achieve naps AND a day out in a space Kingsley loves: wildly challenging climbing nets, heights I wouldn’t want to try, angles and convoluted slides all of which the babies want to go on but they poo themselves and if only one nappy left Elektra is going nappy free.

But prior to our adventure its crazy hour at home. From the minute we all wake feeding three little people changing endless bums and dressing (often redressing) food smeared kiddie clothes is like running a half marathon. But cuteness is all around me. While Kingsley reads his three books every morning snug in my bed, either one of the twins climbs up and gets cosy next to him, pointing with a fat finger for a book to read too…