12-10-17 Parent Helper

Thursday 12th October 2017

I write this dispatch from the sidelines of the soccer pitch. Its 6pm. Soon it’ll be 8pm, we’ll be at home in pyjamas, and the struggle to get Kingsley to sleep will be non existent, bone tired he’ll be after soccer and swimming today. For today I spent the entire day with this fella watching him learn, play, be pary of a team. From 10am I reported at his school waiting patiently for Miss Sophia to give us ‘Helper Parents’ the go-ahead to begin preparing for our mountain excursion to Keratĕa where the kiddies will begin swim lessons.

So its 6:15 now and I proudly watch Kingsley play, run, kick his soccer ball about the pitch. He’s in heaven out there: eaxh kiddo gets his own ball to kick fir the first third of practice. Next third is skills and agility: hopping, skipping, shooting. Final third is the game. 3.5 year olds side versus side aiming for a goal. Kingsley’s the chosen goalkeeperfor his side but after dancing about, straying from the line and allowing evety ball to be scored he’s replaced. Out he runs onto the field chasing the other kids aroubd who in turn are chasing the ball.

But that’s now. Today my parent pride was sky high! Helper at Preschool no less! Here are the babies listening to Sir who’s giving instructions from inside the pool…