12-12-20 Twins: Toast & Milk

Saturday 12 December 2020

In order to get the babies to actually sit still for 5 minutes for them to eat we summons the rascals to their little sitting / craft / eating area by hitting a bottle with a spoon (much like we do to corral our cat when its dinner time). The babies respond well to the sound as well as my shrill voice calling out “Mum-mum time” and they duly saunter to their seats, sit and immediately play or draw.

Meanwhile I’m attempting to feed them however they like feeding themselves (and each other) making a hell of a mess over my black & white carpet underfoot. Elektra insists on having anything Kingsley’s having including his milk cup and straw. She now must have her milk through this. More often than not I’m saving the carpet from spills.

Today the babies enjoyed left overs – stuffed to the brim Kingsley cannot eat another bite more so his second cheesy siur dough toasty goes to the little ones who like to sit on the stoop and feed each other. One bite for me, one bite for you…