15-03-19 Twins: Synchronize

Friday 15th March 2019

Today we have three lots of visitors at Casa Coogee: Pam Moller, Suanne from the Children’s Hospital and Sylvia. They come not for me but for the twinnies who are now 52 days old and 4 kilos each.

We three sleep in our bed cosily each night. One child usually sleeps soundly on the wedge pillow while the other is under my wing. When one stirs i immediately feed lest they stir and wake.

They woke early hours of today because they neither of them have made a poo in 24 hours. Elektra is much more vocal on the matter. From the hours of 2am through to 7 I cycle their legs in  the hope that all these farts they’re letting off will soon lead to great relief.

Till then they’re synchronized in crying and belly pain and once again I am severely sleep deprived. But I catch them in the sweet moment of their synchronised nap…