23-04-17 Fishing & Berry Picking

Saturday 23rd April 2017

New little friends get together today for a play. Its glorious weather but still not hot enough for a swim. So its to the pethikī harā we go to pick moūra (berries) with Maximos then onto the craggy seaside to fish and feed the pigeons with Markel.

Two bright, tough and active boys is an ideal number of mates for Kingsley who gets overwhelmed by stimulation – especially large numbers of kids in confined spaces – and whose exuberance for play most often spills over into wild destruction. These two six year olds are made of similar tough stuff to Kingsley. In fact their parents are just as fun/outgoing/entertaining as me. We meet at the park, actively participate in the kiddies’ play, and pull them apart when the bashings/hitting/pushing/shoving begins in earnest.

By 3:15pm our kids are starving but even the lure of food/ice cream can’t seem to draw Kingsley away from play. It wasn’t until he’d wet two ladies sitting on the bay with his fir tree branch ‘fishing line’ that Macy and I (the evil mummas that we are) called time on play and dragged our salty, hungry precious bundles back home for lamb and potato roast.