29-12-18 Coogee Beach with Tilly

Saturday 29th December 2018

We start early – up for 7 and out the door at 8:15 to meet Mika, James & cousin Tilly for a day body surfing. I’m cheeky, falling asleep last night by myself in our new master balcony bedroom while Linus sweats it out with daddy. Heaven!!

As a first we’re on time so the lads play vertical scrabble, table tennis and blocks at the Coogee Pavilion then its breaky when the Artarmon Grays arrive. But of course Linus can’t sit to eat not when there are toys everywhere, and his cousin Tilly.

Vertical Scrabble at the Coogee Pavilion

Its so HOT today even early in the day we’re in the water straight away. Linus gives his cousin a bag of beach toys and we eat a picnic of κουλουράκια and cheese & Jatz crackers. The kiddies become delirious running rings around each other in the searing heat. Kingsley shows the way to the outdoor showers but according to some cranky bird we take too long washing out the 2 kilos of sand so trudge home sandy and sopping. A perfect summers day out!