05-12-20 Kingsley: Ibiza Foam Pool Party

Saturday 5th December 2020

There I was thinking we’d have but a couple of your friends turn up to your 7th birthday party held at Ibiza at its 60 Brook St coogee residence, and its a packed house. 37 friends, 15 siblings, 30 parents at least. The pool turns onto one giant bubble bath kids throwing themselves into it kids knees being saved by the many square meters of gym mats I lay down the day before.

Highlights Γιαγιά baking not one but two Savoiardi cakes for your τούρτα 🎂 The girls in your class joyously screeching to their mums ‘look, its a cereal cake!’. Both are demolished by the party people.

What about James turning up and dad Reuben flying high raking the grass of Bardon Park where the kids are put through their paces with the two Commandos.

And the kids discovering our “lolly room” the secret being whispered from little mouth to little ear sweeping through the party till I have scores of children huddling around me begging for their lolly bag. Highlight for the kids is that they choose their own treats and pop them in a zip lock bag.