23-09-20 Twins: Brushing Teeth

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Our little lady is obsessed with her toothbrush and toothpaste. At one-and-a-half Elektra’s brushing every chance she gets! So bizarre to watch as we never encouraged Kingsley to brush his teeth…and didn’t we pay the (extremely expensive) price for that parenting fail. At age 3 as we holidayed in the States his teeth started aching, so off we go to the paediatric dentist, fork out what seemed like our life savings and got half his teeth capped. Needless to say he’s been brushing ever since.

As for Keanu, he takes his lead from his confident sister, taking up the toothbrush when we’re under the shower. The competition for tubes of toothpaste and brushes is so heated between the twins that I throw into the shower as many as I can find. If Elektra wants Keanu’s tube she simply pulls his hair until he drops it. Poor kid.

Big thanks to Pony Girl for giving Elektra her onesie. Tempted to wear it myself!