Kingsley: Week 8

Its Saturday late afternoon in Dubai. Here is the scene: Jiajia Dora is in the kitchen preparing my mum’s dinner which consists of chicken soup and minestrone. My mum Alice has me quietly suckling although I only pretend to drink milk; I’m really just playing. Early this morning, my dad Erroll bid us goodbye with endless cuddles, kisses, chats and (lucky me) a change of stinky nappy. I was of course on mum’s breast drinking milkshakes when he left for Sydney.

Mum says that today I turn 8 weeks young. Mum says this is cause for celebration and documentation. Of course her camera gets a workout on such occasions. You see I am her favourite subject. I don’t mind playing her muse at the moment; the flash of her shots startle me, in a good way. I suspect that someday (when I find my voice) I’ll get bored of just lying there being photographed. I also suspect mum will hear none of that.

In the meantime, its click click click…

Kingsley all smiles at 8 weeks of age

Kingsley all smiles at 8 weeks of age


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